7 Reasons Homeowners Select Cedar Fencing in Lafayette, Colorado

While it is true that cedar fencing may be more expensive than other wood types, there are plenty of reasons homeowners living in Lafayette, Colorado pick cedar. Hardiness—durable and stable giving you long-lasting cedar fencing. Resists rot and decay—cedar fencing contains oils that act as natural fungicides. These natural oils protect cedar from rot and […]

Unavoidable Fence Repair in Boulder, Colorado

No fence will last you forever, mostly due to the climate and its severe weather conditions. Likely at one time, you will eventually need some type of fence repair at your property in Boulder, Colorado. Brutal summer thunderstorms or heavy snowy winters can often topple trees and utility poles causing havoc to your fence. Quite […]

What Can You Achieve With Wood Fences in Boulder Colorado?

Wood fences in Boulder, Colorado can offer a lot of function and purpose for your home. A wood fence can offer you protection against severe weather elements, heighten the security at your home, enhance your home’s curb appeal, and increase your privacy. You can add exceptional style with wood fences on your Boulder, Colorado property […]

Why a Cedar Split Rail Fence is a Great Choice in Boulder, Colorado

Homeowners in Boulder, Colorado like the rustic charm that a cedar split rail fence adds to their property. A cedar split rail fence is one of the most cost-effective fence styles for decorating property, fencing in livestock and horses, and defining boundaries. Do-it-yourselfers in Boulder, Colorado find that a split rail fence is one of […]

Wooden Fence Styles Popular in Boulder, CO

A wooden cedar fence offers Boulder, Colorado homeowners a natural insect deterrent, long-lasting, durable fence that is highly resistant to rot and mold. Because of its flexibility, you have less warping and splitting than other materials. Wooden fences from cedar come in a variety of different style design options for Boulder, Colorado property owners including— […]

Wood Fence Repair When Things Go Wrong in Boulder, CO

Maintain your cedar wood fence on a regular basis by power washing and staining. This helps to protect your cedar fence from the elements. By doing this periodically, your fencing should last much longer. If problems such as mold, termites, or climate have caused damage to your fence, you have to perform wood fence repairs […]

What to Expect From a Fence Builder in Boulder, Colorado

When you start to work with a fence builder in Boulder, Colorado, he can help you in the design process and material selection, outline the boundaries around your home that you want to be enclosed and discuss any issues with the terrain. The team at Snowy Peak Fencing, a professional fence builder in Boulder, Colorado […]

How Chain Link Fences Fit Into Boulder, Colorado Neighborhoods

Today, chain link fences offer homeowners and business owners in Boulder, Colorado more variety, value, and durability to protect their homes and businesses while looking attractive at the same time. This particular type of fencing will blend in with your surrounding landscape in Boulder, Colorado creating a view that is both appealing to the eye […]

Stop Eyesores with Wood Fence Repairs for Your Home in Longmont, CO

Wood fences are both functional and decorative for homes in Longmont, Colorado, but if broken and in need of a fence repair, it can pose a security issue and an eyesore as well. Fences take terrific beatings from the sun, rain, wind, snow, and below ground frost in Longmont, Colorado. Wood fences are vulnerable to […]

Pros and Cons of Chain Link Fences in Superior, CO

Although chain link fences have many useful features, some Superior, CO homeowners might say they have less attractive characteristics. One thing is for sure, chain link fences are the workhorse of all fencing that lasts for decades with little or no maintenance which is what most homeowners are looking for in Superior, CO. The Pros […]