Today, chain link fences offer homeowners and business owners in Boulder, Colorado more variety, value, and durability to protect their homes and businesses while looking attractive at the same time. This particular type of fencing will blend in with your surrounding landscape in Boulder, Colorado creating a view that is both appealing to the eye and bringing more value to your property.

Chain link fencing is a woven fence made of galvanized steel. Wires run vertically and are bent in a zigzag pattern that is then linked together. With newer innovations, chain link fences now offer a variety of colors to choose from including, green, black and brown.

An inexpensive upgrade from silver steel can be achieved by using a color-coated chain link fence while using a steel colored framework, gates, and fittings. Alternatively, you can upgrade one above that and use all color-coated materials. Another way to upgrade your fencing in Boulder, Colorado and save money is to use another fencing material such as wood or vinyl in the front of the yard that faces the street and then use either a silver or colored chain link fence for the rest of the yard.

With today’s new colors and so many different ways which a chain link fence can be displayed throughout your Boulder, Colorado property, you can create a calmer look by using part of your fence as a trellis for climbing plants. Unlike wood, chain link will not rot so any nature growing next to it will not diminish its looks. Vines take root better with the strength of chain link fences making it a perfect choice for a trellis. The more your vines fill in, the more privacy you will achieve if that is your goal.

There are also slats that you can weave between the links to add privacy to any chain link fence. These slats come in different colors to blend in with your landscape. However you choose to accent your chain link fence, or if you prefer just to let it radiate its own beauty, it will definitely increase the value of any property in Boulder, Colorado and fit tastefully in with your neighborhood.

Protect your children and pets, gardens, flower beds or anything else that needs protecting with a chain link fence from Snowy Peak Fencing in Boulder, Colorado, your preferred fence, deck and awning contractor in the area.