Wood fences are both functional and decorative for homes in Longmont, Colorado, but if broken and in need of a fence repair, it can pose a security issue and an eyesore as well. Fences take terrific beatings from the sun, rain, wind, snow, and below ground frost in Longmont, Colorado. Wood fences are vulnerable to nature’s elements and especially wood rot. Some fence repairs will include—

Wood fences should be maintained on a regular basis to protect it from weather elements. Power washing and staining every couple of years will make your fence last much longer and need fewer fence repairs.

Without taking the proper care of your wood fence on your Longmont, Colorado property, it will eventually turn gray, and mold and mildew will grow over the years. This causes your fencing boards and posts to rot, and extensive fence repairs will be required.

Any type of moisture is hard on wood that is not waterproofed. The only way to preserve the wood is to paint or stain your fence every couple of years. Pressure-treated lumber has been saturated with preservatives making them last indefinitely and some species of wood such as cedar and redwood handle moisture much better but is more expensive at the initial fence installation for properties in Longmont, Colorado.

Climate conditions and termites are extremely damaging to wood fences causing holes and cracks over time. Depending on the damage, some boards can be patched or refinished if the holes or cracks are not too broad. If too extensive, it may involve removing and replacing the wood fencing boards. It is always best to keep extra pieces of the same kind of wood for future fence repairs at your Longmont, Colorado home.

If the posts of your fencing begin to wobble, it should be repaired. Depending on if the post is rotten or broken, you might get by with using splints, or you may have to replace the entire post.

Fence gates installed on Longmont, Colorado properties are another prone fence repair that periodically needs to be done. Check the hinges first. If they are bent, replace. If the screws are pulling loose, remove the screws and plug the holes. Then drill new holes and use longer galvanized steel screws or carriage bolts. Fence gates tend to sag with age or from children hanging on them. You might get by with shimming under the bottom hinge.

Whatever your fence repair demands on your property in Longmont, Colorado, Snowy Peak Fencing are the experts and are there to help. It could be your fence is in such a disarray, and Snowy Peak Fencing can tell you whether the best option is to repair or replace your fence.