A wooden cedar fence offers Boulder, Colorado homeowners a natural insect deterrent, long-lasting, durable fence that is highly resistant to rot and mold. Because of its flexibility, you have less warping and splitting than other materials. Wooden fences from cedar come in a variety of different style design options for Boulder, Colorado property owners including—

Good Neighbor—This particular wooden fence is designed with overlapping cedar fence boards. These alternating fence boards create a slatted look which provides security and privacy. Looking at it head-on, it seems as opaque as a solid style fence; but when looking from the side, it offers enough visibility to enjoy a private yard while seeming open and relaxed rather than closed and claustrophobic. Good neighbor fences are just that, what you see on your side, your neighbor sees on their side allowing you both to benefit and often can be a combined project rather than just a one-sided project for your yard.

Picture Frame—A popular wooden fence for Boulder, Colorado homes that is pleasing to both the homeowners and the neighbor’s eye.

Solid Style—A solid cedar wooden fence offers Boulder, Colorado homeowners both functionality and simplistic appeal. It features cedar fence boards mounted side-by-side with small gaps between allowing it to expand and contract with the weather. Cedar is resistant to rot and disease and UV rays. This particular wooden fence offers lasting quality with minimal upkeep, spending less time repairing your fence and more time to enjoy your cedar wooden fence for your home in Boulder, Colorado.

Picket Fence—This look has been around for decades giving Boulder, Colorado homes an appealing look that is affordable, yet complementary to any home. A picket wooden fence comes in many different styles.

Wooden fences made of cedar are a great choice for any homeowner in Boulder, Colorado. With the durability and long-lasting features cedar offers, this type of wooden fence will last you for years to come.