Wood fences in Boulder, Colorado can offer a lot of function and purpose for your home. A wood fence can offer you protection against severe weather elements, heighten the security at your home, enhance your home’s curb appeal, and increase your privacy. You can add exceptional style with wood fences on your Boulder, Colorado property while at the same time achieve privacy and security.

There are several factors you should think about other than just the cost of a wood fence installation for your home in Boulder, Colorado—

Wood is usually the least expensive fencing material, but it also requires the extra cost of maintenance that other fencing materials such as a vinyl fence, although vinyl fencing is more expensive upfront. Wrought iron is typically the most expensive fencing material but requires the least amount of maintenance.

There are ample wood fence designs that will give you just the exact curb appeal you are looking for at your Boulder, Colorado home. Drive around your neighborhood or visit your local fencing companies to get ideas of the type of fence you would like to have installed on your property. There are additional materials you can add to your wood fence to make them more interesting including post caps or installing board caps. These ideas give your fence a more finished look.

Other ideas for decorating wood fences at your Boulder, Colorado home include lining the fence line with trees or shrubs, stepping stones alongside the fence row, and different ornament pieces in a rock bed or flower bed. With a little imagination, you can achieve the look you want for wood fences in Colorado.