While it is true that cedar fencing may be more expensive than other wood types, there are plenty of reasons homeowners living in Lafayette, Colorado pick cedar.

  1. Hardiness—durable and stable giving you long-lasting cedar fencing.
  2. Resists rot and decay—cedar fencing contains oils that act as natural fungicides. These natural oils protect cedar from rot and decay that typically affects untreated wood.
  3. Does not warp—because cedar does not readily absorb moisture, a nearby spa or hot tub will not damage cedar.
  4. Bugs do not like cedar—no bug repellent needed.
  5. Regulates temperatures—air pockets inside of cedar wood in the cold winter months in Lafayette, Colorado will help block out chilly winds, and in the summer heated months, those pockets help dissipate heat.
  6. Lightweight—cedar fencing materials are incredibly light which makes it much easier for fence installers to work with.
  7. Looks great—cedar with its robust beauty has a special aroma released into the air that is quite pleasing and satisfying to a person’s senses.

High-quality cedar wood will cost more in Lafayette, Colorado, but the benefits will certainly outweigh the cost, and your investment will be well worth the extra cost. Using a lower grade of wood for fencing might mean you have to replace the fencing boards sooner than you would like which will only cost more money and time.

When you look at cedar fencing close to a pressure treated pine fence that were both installed close in time in Lafayette, Colorado, notice how well the cedar fencing aged compared to the other fence. Cedar fencing has a much longer lifespan than other types of wood giving you years and years of enjoyment without repairs.

The rich grain and vibrant colors of cedar fencing makes it the number one reason homeowners in Lafayette, Colorado choose this gorgeous wood for their fencing. Reaping the rewards by investing in such beautiful and robust cedar fencing to wrap around their property is well worth the extra expense to most homeowners in Lafayette, Colorado.