Maintain your cedar wood fence on a regular basis by power washing and staining. This helps to protect your cedar fence from the elements. By doing this periodically, your fencing should last much longer. If problems such as mold, termites, or climate have caused damage to your fence, you have to perform wood fence repairs at your home in Boulder, Colorado to get your fence back up to par. Your fencing contractor at Snowy Peak Fencing can help you determine the extent of the damage and what your full wood fence repair entails.

Things that go wrong—

Fence Shifting—When soil shifts because of snow or rain in Boulder, Colorado, it can cause your cedar fence post to shift and sag. This can compromise the entire fence on your property in Boulder, Colorado and therefore creates a need for wood fence repairs.

Damaged Wood Posts and Rails—Wood fences in Boulder, Colorado are composed of posts and rails. The posts are what run vertically, and the rails run horizontally, and both can be damaged enough to call for a wood fence repair. High winds can damage posts, or the posts can be destroyed by termites and beetles in some regions of the U.S., and Boulder, Colorado is one such place. Rails are also susceptible to rot and insect damage as well.

Sagging Wood Fence Posts and Gates— Wood fence repairs are sometimes needed if the fence posts sag because the base rots below the ground level.

Wood Gate Repairs—Cedar wooden gates are strong when first installed, but with many people going in and out of the gate, over time the hinges can become creaky and latches won’t catch causing your wood fence to lose its effectiveness.

Repairs to a cedar fence in Boulder, Colorado can get quite costly if you let your fence get in too bad a shape, possibly even having to replace certain pieces or perhaps it might be cheaper to build a new one.

Most cedar wood fencing is durable and rot and insect resistant so it might not require as many wood fence repairs to this type of fencing as it would other types of fencing in Boulder, Colorado. But even so, weather can play havoc with any kind of fencing, even cedar. The crew at Snowy Peak Fencing in Boulder, Colorado can answer all your questions and suggest which wood fence repairs you need for your damaged fence on your Boulder, Colorado property.