How to Keep Your Cedar Fencing Protected in Erie, CO

Cedar fencing is a popular fence choice among Erie, CO homeowners because of its rich, natural red color and because it weathers quite well. The only downside to some is that this rich red color will eventually if left untreated, turn gray. How you protect your cedar fencing is up to you. When cedar fencing […]

Finding a Reputable Fence Builder in Lafayette, CO

Searching for a reputable fence builder in Lafayette, CO can be a difficult task if you are new to the area, or if you have not dealt with any builders in the region. Some of the concerns of most homeowners when looking for a fence builder in Lafayette, CO include— How long has the fence […]

Top Reasons for a Fence Installation in Longmont, CO

Homeowners in Longmont, CO have several different reasons for wanting a fence installation for their homes. The main top reasons most homeowners invest in fence installations are— Pets Children Swimming Pools However, there are many benefits of a fence installation to help you decide if a fence is right for you and your family. Confine […]

Questions To Ask a Prospective Fence Builder in Louisville, Colorado

Looking for a reputable fence builder in Louisville, Colorado can be hard. Trying to decide the best type of fence that best suits your application can be even tougher. Go about finding a prospective fence builder with a finite budget in mind. Make it understood the purpose and function of your fence. Once a Louisville, […]

Why Cedar Fences Are So Popular in Boulder, Colorado

Cedar fences are the popular choice in Boulder, Colorado for homeowners who want to close in backyards to keep in pets or small children. If you are out driving around Boulder, Colorado, you will see just how many beautiful cedar fences surround the many homes. Western red cedar is an amazingly sturdy wood that stands […]

Why it is Best to Hire a Fence Builder in Longmont, Colorado

Taking on a major home improvement project like installing a fence can be a challenging task if you’ve never done it before. Fence laws are one of the best reasons to hire a fence builder when you decide to build a fence on your property in Longmont, Colorado. A fence builder is up on all […]

The Beauty in Natural Cedar Fences in Longmont, Colorado

When you are looking for a fence made out of quality wood that is highly durable, adds curb appeal, and increases property value, look no further than cedar fences from Snowy Peak Fencing in Longmont, Colorado. Cedar fences have been the prime choice for fencing for property owners in Longmont, Colorado for decades. Longmont, Colorado […]

Complement Landscaping with the Right Wood Fences in Louisville, Colorado

A wood fence varies in design and materials, so you want to plan carefully when deciding on the right wood fences to complement the landscaping around your home in Louisville, Colorado. Constructing a fence around your property in Louisville, Colorado can add beauty and character as well as value to the home. Some factors you […]

The Many Functions of a Fence Installation in Boulder, Colorado

A fence installation for homeowners who live in Boulder, Colorado is a major investment. Not only is it a great improvement that will add value to your property but it can serve many functions as well. Adding a new fence installation on your Boulder, Colorado property can function as— Protection for your family. Families who […]

What a Cedar Privacy Fence in Boulder, Colorado Offers Homeowners

A cedar privacy fence is commonly used for closing off backyards in residential developments in Boulder, Colorado. These privacy fences protect children and pets from other pets and intruders from entering your yard. A privacy fence made from cedar comes in various shapes and sizes providing strong reinforcement with resistance to weather. The natural beauty […]