Cedar fencing is a popular fence choice among Erie, CO homeowners because of its rich, natural red color and because it weathers quite well. The only downside to some is that this rich red color will eventually if left untreated, turn gray.

How you protect your cedar fencing is up to you. When cedar fencing has fully weathered, it has a light silvery-gray appearance. Some homeowners in Erie, CO prefer the seaside cottage gray weathered look of their cedar fencing and do nothing.

Because of cedar’s own natural oils, this particular type of wood deteriorates slowly; so even if left untreated, cedar fencing will last for years to come on your property in Erie, CO.

Once your cedar fencing is installed on your Erie, CO property, the wood will start to discolor. There are several different methods to protect your wood.

Bleaching oil—will give you a naturally weathered look but with protection. This is a two-step process by first toning the wood with a light gray pigment to fix the color. Next, over time, this will accelerate the bleaching process, and you will end up with the weathered look faster and more uniform for your home in Erie, CO.

Semi-Transparent Stains—this will give you the look of real cedar color without blocking out the rich wood grain and protect your cedar fencing as well. This process should be applied with a brush and not a sprayer, which may cause blotching.

Solid Stains—this will let some of the cedar’s grain show through but none of its color. Solid stains will block most of the damaging ultraviolet light from the sun in Erie, CO.

Primer and Paint—this particular type of paint will allow you to choose any color you like except, of course, cedar color because it is difficult to mimic cedar’s wood color with paint. This type of protection will ward off light which contributes to cedar fencing deterioration.

Whichever method you choose to protect your cedar fencing at your Erie, CO home, your fence should last your for years when your properly maintain it. These paint or stain applications should be reapplied every couple of years to preserve your cedar fencing so that it will retain its grand appearance.