When you are looking for a fence made out of quality wood that is highly durable, adds curb appeal, and increases property value, look no further than cedar fences from Snowy Peak Fencing in Longmont, Colorado. Cedar fences have been the prime choice for fencing for property owners in Longmont, Colorado for decades.

Longmont, Colorado homeowners enjoy the many benefits that cedar fences offer including—

  1. Contains natural oils which help to make cedar wood resistant to insect attacks, decay and increases the durability and strength without added chemicals.
  2. Minimal shrinkage and warpage, so that cedar fences stay straight and sturdy for the long haul.
  3. Unique richly textured grains from reddish cinnamon to sierra browns which age gracefully through the years. Recyclable and biodegradable.

Centuries ago, the Native Americans first named the western red cedar, “The Tree of Life. ” Western red cedar through the years has been used to provide shelter, clothes, baskets, ropes, and canoes. It is the preferred wood used in many fence and deck installations, plus other outside building projects in Longmont, Colorado.

Cedar fences are a Longmont, Colorado property owner’s dream.The rich, fresh aroma that cedar fences put off is an enchanting and delightful smell which only enhances its natural beauty that much more.

The acoustic properties of privacy cedar fence surrounding your Longmont, Colorado property can deter busy traffic sounds for a more private and serene atmosphere. A privacy fence can keep the rest of the world out while you read a book stretched out on a chaise-lounge, take a nap in a hammock, or swim in a pool.

A split and rail cedar fence gives a transparent, open feeling to your property and for extra security to keep pets inside, a wire mesh can be added. The appearance you are trying to obtain, the purpose for your fence, and the budget set aside for your fence will help to determine which style of cedar fence you wish for your home in Longmont, Colorado.

Even though cedar fences cost more than other types of wood fencing, it’s natural beauty, durability, maintenance free, and long-lasting attributes make it the best buy for your money.