With spring approaching, now is the time to check for damages to any wood fence you have on your property in Gunbarrel, CO. Winter months in Gunbarrel, CO play havoc to wood fences causing necessary wood fence repairs to put them back in tip-top shape.

A sagging fence, a broken fence board, or a leaning fence post can leave your property looking ragged and unattractive. Now is the time of year to think about calling your local fencing company, Snowy Peak Fencing, for a free estimate on your needed wood fence repairs at your home in Gunbarrel, CO.

Fences are a great asset for any home in Gunbarrel, CO, but if not properly maintained, they can be quite costly for some homeowners who neglect to do a yearly inspection of their fences. Some wood fence repairs are due to accidents while other repairs are due to the environment.

However, properly maintained with yearly repairs puts your fence back in its sturdy, eye-catching form so you can always have a fence that is inviting and warm when people riding by are looking at the different sites. Who knows, your well-maintained fence could be their motivation to go home and get theirs back in shape too. Moreover, if they do not have any type of fence, it might be their inspiration to build one.

Common Issues for Wood Fence Repairs at Homes in Gunbarrel, CO

  1. “Leaning Tower of Pisa”—This particular type of wood fence repair could be a challenge depending on the severity of the leaning or sagging fence.
  2. Hinges That Sag and Gates That Won’t Close—If your gate won’t close, it is not doing its job. Whatever you are trying to keep inside your yard, will get out; and whatever you are trying to keep outside of your yard, will find its way inside. A wood fence repair might just be as simple as replacing the hinges.
  3. Oops, Fender Bender—It can happen to anyone. Someone accidentally backs into your fence or maybe even a tree limb falls onto it; these are some of the unpredictable and unfortunate wood fence repairs that homeowners face. Typical repairs and hopefully one that won’t be too severe if it happens to you in Gunbarrel, CO.
  4. Failed Installation All Around—Sometimes fences are installed that do not withstand the elements of the environment well at all. Different building materials such as cedar work better and last much longer in Gunbarrel, CO. Cedar fencing requires little or no maintenance. However, accidents do happen; so occasionally, wood fence repairs might be needed.