Wood fences have been among the favorite among homeowners who live in Erie, CO. Most wood fences blend in well with any landscaping and house designs. They come in a variety of styles including—

Most wood fences can be customized to meet your needs—

Homeowners and businesses alike choose wood fencing. Some choose to add post caps to complete the appearance of their wood fence. Different hardware such as latches and hinges for wood gates can be added to offset the gate.

Wood fences come in a variety of wood types, and among the favorite of most homeowners in Erie, CO are made from cedar. These wood fences offer quality, longevity, and appearance. If this is what you are looking for, you cannot do better than with a cedar wood fence for your property in Erie, CO.

Cedar contains natural oil that helps to make wooden fences resistant to rot and insect infestation and increases the durability and strength of the fence without added chemical treatments that are in pressure treated lumber. It also offers a rich, unique grain that ages stylishly through the years but can also be stained and sealed if you want to apply colors other than the natural tone cedar. A privacy fence built from cedar can also help to lower noises if your home in Erie, CO sits near a major highway or if you have noisy neighbors.

Whether you want a wood fence to keep children and small pets safely inside an enclosed area or if you want to line the boundaries of your Erie, CO property, you cannot go wrong with a wooden fence made from cedar.