As popular as the picket fence has become over the years, there are other wooden fencing that will protect your home, enhance your landscaping, and enclose your Westminster, CO home’s property. Some of these wood fences might just be the answer to what you are looking for at your home in Westminster, CO.

Lattice wood fences—A little privacy with these crisscrossed strips will obscure your neighbor’s view while allowing some light and air to pass through. Lattice wooden fencing is great for climbing plants or vines to add some accent to your landscape.

Vertical board wood fences—The best way to have peace with noisy neighbors in Westminster, CO is with a vertical board wood fence. This style of fencing cuts down on the noise from loud neighbors or a busy highway, protects against winds and ensures privacy.

Post and rail wood fences—This is the classic fence for property owners in Westminster, CO who need to enclose pastures and fields. So simple, yet rustic and striking, a post and rail wood fence is a great way to draw a line between properties at a fairly inexpensive price tag.

Vertical louvers or staggered boards—Another fencing that offers privacy while still allowing for a little sunlight and airflow to flow through.

Most of these particular styles of wood fencing come in different wood materials including—

Cedar wooden fencing is by far your best choice in the Westminster, CO area. The look and feel of this high-quality wooden fencing will give you many years of privacy and security for your Westminster, CO home. The natural oils make cedar wooden fencing resistant to decay and insects. A fence made from cedar wood has minimal shrinkage so your fence will remain sturdy and straight for years to come.

Whatever style or wooden fencing material you select, your fence should be a combination of beauty and function matching the needs of your family and their personalities. If you need help in selecting the style or wooden fencing materials that will blend in nicely with your particular Westminster, CO home, call the team at Snowy Peak Fencing, and they will be glad to help you with all your fencing wishes.