Whatever type fence you have on your Louisville, CO property, sooner or later it will need some sort of fence repair. Weather can play a big part in contributing to fence damage in Louisville, CO; high winds can blow down sections of fencing, tear gates lose or completely unhinged, and chip or split fencing boards. Fences can be destroyed by vandalism, or even a car accident can destroy a fence on Louisville, CO property.

Most products that are constructed from wood that are outdoors in Louisville, CO are usually high maintenance and needs regular upkeep and repair, wooden fences included. Wooden fences in Louisville, CO succumb to rot, requiring fence repair to the posts and fencing boards close to the ground. Deciding either to replace or to repair a fence post depends on the level of damage. When in doubt, replace because this is the support of your fence. However, some fences that are wobbling, shrinking, or leaning might just need a fence repair which should prevent any further deterioration.

How to level a fence post—

Replacing a fence post—

If you have a fence post that is rotten below the ground on your property in Louisville, CO, this fence repair will involve replacing the post with a new one. Follow the steps above and use a new post instead of the existing one.

Alternative method: Instead of detaching the fence from the post—

A fence repair will improve curb appeal which in turn will maintain a better relationship with your neighbors in Louisville, CO because they will not be looking at a damaged fence. Fence repairs also make your fence a much safer structure for your children and pets.