Taking on a project such as a fence installation for your home in Lafayette, CO might go a little smoother if you know what to expect. Hopefully, you will experience smooth sailing, but your chances of that occurring are more likely to happen if you hire a professional fence installation company instead of tackling it yourself.

What to Expect?

  1. The Estimate —A fence installation estimator will visit your Lafayette, CO home where he will measure the boundaries of your intended fence line usually with a wheel-type measuring device. The homeowner should be there to supervise the project and give the estimator all the details of their fencing plans. You will need to decide on the style of fence, the materials, how many if any gates you want to install. The slope of your property and any obstacles such as trees, bushes or flower beds should be discussed at this time and noted how these will be incorporated into your fence design. You should either get a written estimate on the spot, or one will be sent to your home in Lafayette, CO later.
  2. The Waiting Period —It all depends on how busy the fence company’s schedule is as to how long you will have to wait for your fence installation at your home in Lafayette, CO. So many factors come into play, mostly because of weather and in some instances depending on the materials you chose, if it is not in stock and has to be ordered, this delay could push your fence installation further back too. If a fence permit is required, this could slow the start date as well. There will also be a waiting period because Miss Utility will have to come out and mark your yard in Lafayette, CO to avoid digging up any utility lines during your fence installation.
  3. The Installation —First the posts will be installed, and from there, your fence boards or panels, gates and any caps you choose will be installed on your Lafayette, CO property.

If you work with a reputable fence company in Lafayette, CO such as Snowy Peak Fencing, you can rest assured that your fence installation will go smooth from the design to the installation and cleanup. However, as with any outside project, weather can play a significant factor in the start and finish date.