Western red cedar fences with their many advantages are a favorite among homeowners in Longmont, CO. The natural beauty of these fences enhances properties and landscaping and blends in with historic to modern architectural designed homes. Although cedar fences are somewhat maintenance free, this type of wood fence can either be painted or stained or left to weather naturally turning to a silver-gray color.

Cedar fences are durable in humid climates making them a good choice for Longmont, CO property owners. If a fence is not suited for humidity, it can begin to rot leaving you with a decayed fence that will need to be replaced in a few years.

Cedar fences absorbs and discharges moisture helping them to attain balance with the surrounding environment in Longmont, CO. These cedar fences also experiences minimal shrinkage. Western red cedar is capable of absorbing and expelling moisture preventing it from cracking and rotting. Materials such as western red cedar that maintain their original dimensions when subjected to changes in temperature and humidity are called Dimensional Stability.

Because western red cedar cannot expel moisture when buried in the ground, it is not recommended to use for fence posts.

Along with weather elements in Longmont, CO, insects that eat on wood threaten your fence. Termites, carpenter ants, and wood beetles can burrow holes or lay eggs doing a significant amount of damage to your fence. Left alone without the proper maintenance could wipe out your entire fence.

Luckily with western red cedar, Longmont, CO homeowners can experience the natural beauty of their wooden fence. The natural oils in this type fence material preserve it from decay and keep insects away that like to devour other fence materials. Termites and other wood-eating insects cannot stand red cedar’s naturally producing chemicals giving it a significant advantage in the fact that it does not have to be treated with pesticides which can alter the color and smell of the wood.

A fence in Longmont, CO that is built from western red cedar will complement any yard with its red earthly tones and makes an immense contrast against green shrubs. With its hearty aroma and the smell of fresh cut grass, it makes for a wonderful outdoor summer setting.