In Gunbarrel, CO, wood fencing is the most popular choice among homeowners. There’s good reason for that. Wood is adaptable for so many designs, it’s affordable and it looks great.

Here is a closer look at the many benefits of building a wood fence around your property.

Wood Is Affordable

Cost is a huge consideration for most families when it comes time to install a fence. That’s where wood shines. You can choose from a range of species and a variety of price points. For example, pressure-treated pine is on the lower end of the cost spectrum. Mid-range is the most popular choice, cedar fencing. At the higher end of the spectrum you can choose from several types of exotic South American hardwoods.

Wood fencing is much less expensive than wrought iron fencing, and even more affordable than composite and vinyl. But with its traditional look, it still provides an elegant way to surround your property.

When it comes to maintenance, your costs are low when you install wood fencing. Basically, all you need is elbow grease, water, and a brush. A good addition is a cleaner made for decks or fences, which is easy to find at a home improvement center.

When you look at the long-term costs, wood is an excellent investment. With proper upkeep, your fence can last for 10 to 20 years. Many homeowners have wood fences that are up to 50 years old and going strong.

Wood Is Easy to Customize

Certain standard designs are common for wood fences. That is especially true for picket fences and for privacy fences. But your fence doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s.

Here are 7 ways you can individualize the look of a basic wood fence:

Wood Adapts to Any Style

Do you have a specific style of wooden fencing in mind for your Gunbarrel, CO, home? Most families choose a privacy fence for the backyard. Wood, especially cedar, is the perfect choice for this style of fencing.

You don’t need to go with the conventional board-on-board vertical privacy fence. Choose a modern horizontal style. It still blocks the view from outside and keeps your children safely in the yard. But it has a streamlined look that works well with newer homes.

You can choose a lattice fence that provides a medium amount of privacy. The crisscrossing strips let air and light in. Or choose the louver design, with staggered boards.

But you aren’t limited in styles. Consider a split-rail fence if privacy isn’t an issue. It gives any home a rustic, clean look. Post and rail, also called paddock, fencing is a similar choice.

For your front yard, nothing beats the traditional picket fence. It comes in many styles, like scalloped, notched top, pointed, even reverse scallop.

Wood Is an Eco-Friendly Choice

More and more, concern about the environment drives consumer choices. That’s why so many families in Gunbarrel, CO, choose wooden fencing.

Wood used in fence building comes from sustainable forests. If you choose cedar, it doesn’t need to be chemically pressure-treated because of its natural resistance to pests and moisture damage.

Even woods like pine that are treated now use more environmentally friendly chemicals as preservatives. These treatments extend the life of the wood by reducing swelling, rot and the chance of damage from pests.

When it is time to remove your old wood fence, you know it is recyclable. It is a natural product to begin with, so it won’t end up in the landfill when you get rid of it.

Wooden fencing in Gunbarrel, CO, also fits in aesthetically with the natural beauty of this state. Wood is traditional, giving any home a classic look that blends in with its surroundings.

Choose the Fence Professionals

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The pros at Snowy Peak know how to create a fence that is functional. The design is adapted to your specific needs. Are you trying to keep children and pets in the yard? Do you want to keep livestock from wandering off? Or are you worried about wildlife coming in and creating havoc in your garden? Whatever your needs, you can depend on Snowy Peak.

The builders and designers really listen to your preferences, your concerns and the reason you are building a fence. Whether it’s for privacy, for livestock or to clarify your property boundaries, Snowy Peak pros will create a fence that does the job.

Snowy Peak Fencing handles all aspects of the fence process, from design to construction, maintenance and repair. If you need any type of work on a fence, Snowy Peak is the place to call. We specialize in cedar but handle a variety of woods. We can explain the pros and cons of each, and work within your budget.

Snowy Peak designs and builds custom decks. We can repair your current deck, remodel it, resurface it, and maintain it. We also install retractable awnings.

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