Wood fences on a Boulder, CO property can be functional and attractive, if it was designed and installed by a professional fencing company. Even though Snowy Peak Fencing is a relatively new company in the area, they still have the experience property owners are looking for. Owner and operator Daniel Carter has grown up around the fencing industry, and has been passionately involved in it for the past ten years. The knowledge and experience that he gained on the East Coast, ensures that when a fence is needed his team is more than capable of getting the project done right the first time.

There are several advantages associated with wood fences on Boulder, CO residential and commercial properties that include,

A taller wood fence can give property owners a welcome sense of privacy and security by keeping prying eyes away and unwanted visitors out. Pets and children can be safely contained in the yard, and a wood fence can even be used to mark property lines. The height and length of wood fences on Boulder, CO properties can be easily adjusted, and even the spacing between the boards. Whether the wood boards are fitted tightly together or spaced farther apart, the talented craftsmen at Snowy Peak Fencing will design and install one that fits their clients’ needs.

The type of wood used to construct the fence can also vary, though Snowy Peak Fencing often recommends Western Red Cedar. This durable wood will not only enhance the beauty of the landscaping, it also requires minimal upkeep. Western Red Cedar is naturally resistant, and it also looks great when the fence is properly designed and installed. When residents want to minimize maintenance and repairs on their fence, cedar is often their first choice. If cedar isn’t used, Snowy Peak Fencing does recommend that property owners follow a maintenance plan.

Snowy peak fencing always recommend that property owners keep up with the maintenance whether it was Snowy Peak that did the installation or another company. Due to the wet, snowy weather common in the winter, wood fences can experience some damage. To keep the fence looking like new and minimize repairs, property owners are encouraged to stain or seal it annually. For property owners that don’t have the time to perform the necessary upkeep, Snowy Peak Fencing can create a maintenance schedule that will ensure the fence lasts for years.

Snowy Peak Fencing is proud of their ability to provide exceptional service at a competitive price for their residential and commercial clients. When wood fences are needed on a Boulder, CO property contact the experts at Snowy Peak Fencing and schedule a free estimate.