In Westminster, CO, wood fences are the perfect choice for homeowners. They are a cost-effective way to define boundaries, ensure privacy, corral pets, kids and livestock, and add curb appeal to a home.

Snowy Peak Fencing, which specializes in cedar fences, says people in the area choose wood because it blends in so naturally with the local environment. Wood is an inviting material, unlike chain link and aluminum fences.

For example, a picket fence in the garden adds a welcoming note to a front yard. Even a tall privacy fence, if it’s made of wood, has a classic look that is attractive. Split rail fences look rustic while making your boundaries clear. Pasture and livestock fencing made of wood is both attractive and functional.

Fences designed and built by experts, like the team at Snowy Peak Fencing, last for years while enhancing the look of the home. That gives it curb appeal, attracting prospective buyers even in a competitive market.

Another thing people love about wood fences in Westminster, CO, is how customizable they are. Just by choosing a specific shade of stain, an owner can give a standard fence a distinctive look. Other ways to add an individual touch are with special types of hardware, post caps, and gates.

A flower basket is another simple way to add a special look to a fence. Filled with nasturtiums, geraniums or wildflowers, it brings a big spot of color to a fence and the front of a house.

Snowy Peak Fencing handles a variety of wood species for its projects and specializes in cedar. This type of wood is noted for its durability. That’s why indigenous people built their canoes out of cedar, which has special properties that resist the effects of moisture. That makes a cedar fence perfect for an area with snow, rain, sleet, hail and weather extremes.

Cedar also has natural insulating properties. Air pockets deep in the wood keep a spot warmer in winter and cooler in summer. This insulating ability also helps reduce noise, in some cases up to 70 percent.

The experts at Snowy Peak Fencing point out that cedar wood fences in Westminster, CO, also require very little maintenance. This is a big plus for busy families who would rather spend time playing instead of working on fence projects all summer. And low maintenance is another plus for prospective buyers.

Snowy Peak Fencing is quickly earning a reputation for quality craftsmanship, creative design and attention to detail for each project. The company handles a range of outdoor projects, including:

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