In Lafayette, CO, wooden fencing is the choice of most homeowners. They love how solid these fences are, the fact that they last so long and look so attractive. Though building a fence is not cheap, it pays for itself quickly, increasing the value of your home and enhancing your family’s enjoyment of the yard.

Fences are also an excellent way to keep your children and pets safe and give your family privacy. You can enjoy the benefits as soon as you install the fence—no waiting.

Here is an overview of the many benefits of wooden fencing for families in Lafayette, CO.

Choose Your Style

Wood fences are highly versatile. Ask any professional installer, and you’ll hear how flexible it is for a variety of terrains, purposes, and styles. Seven of the most popular styles are:

Each style works best for specific purposes. As an example, privacy wooden fencing in Lafayette, CO, does a great job keeping out prying eyes. It also ensures that pets and children stay within the yard.

For farms, split rail fencing or pasture fencing keeps livestock on your property. Picket fences around the garden in the front yard provide a welcoming note to your home.

Lattice fencing is decorative and provides a medium level of privacy. Modern fencing, usually with horizontal boards and special touches like curving, give your home a distinctive look.

Customize It

If you’re on a budget, you still have the chance to give your fence a custom look. Your privacy fence or picket fence doesn’t have to look like the one at your neighbor’s house down the road.

Wooden fencing in Lafayette, CO, is easy to customize. You can decide to make it higher or shorter than the norm. Buy fancy post caps to give it a personal touch.

You can stain it, leave it natural or paint it a bright color. An earthy, natural stain helps keep the wood beautiful year after year. It also lets it harmonize with the vegetation in your garden. Or paint the fence a bright color. This adds a cheery note that draws attention to the fence.

Add a special gate to make your fence look one-of-a-kind. Put wooden planters along the outside and fill them with bright flowers or good-smelling herbs.

You can also order up a custom design, fitted to the exact function you want it to handle, suitable for your terrain, and reflecting your personal preferences. The design team at Snowy Peak Fencing can create a fence that blends in with your home’s architectural style and your landscape design.

It Fits In with Your Setting

Wondering if the look of wooden fencing will fit in with your home’s architectural style? Never fear. Wooden fencing in Lafayette, CO, blends in easily with all types of settings.

Business owners use it in retail locations and around factories and parking lots. Government agencies and schools like it because it has a classic look while offering security and privacy.

Homeowners love it because it comes in so many styles and designs. It can give your yard a park-like look, a rustic appearance, or a modern look.

It’s Affordable

Wooden fencing in Lafayette, CO, is one of the most cost-effective materials available. The upfront price is less than composite or ornamental metals like wrought iron.

Your maintenance costs are low. Basically, all you need to do is scrub it down or hose it down to get rid of dirt each year. Every two or three years, it should be sealed or stained. With proper upkeep, your fence will last for 15 to 25 years or more.

Wood fences are also ecologically friendly. The preservatives used on modern wood fences do not harm the environment. At the same time, they help the wood resist damage from termites and other pests, and avoid rot from persistent moisture.

Wood fences increase your home’s curb appeal. Homebuyers look for professionally designed and built wooden fencing in Lafayette, CO. They know it lasts for years, requires little upkeep, and keeps it attractive appearance for a long time.

You get a solid return on investment when you build a wood fence. Realty experts say it adds 50 percent over the cost of materials and labor when you sell your home. By spending the money today, you are adding to the worth of your entire property in the future.

It’s Quick to Build

When you let professional fence builders, like the skilled team at Snowy Peak Fencing, do the job, it gets done quickly. Most fences go up in less than a week. In fact, many go up in a single day.

This reduces the mess and inconvenience in your yard. You get a solid, functional fence that adds beauty, all in a short time. When experts do the job, building a fence is fast. Your yard returns to normal in record time.

Trust Professionals

The team here at Snowy Peak Fencing has years of combined experience helping families protect their property with wooden fencing in Lafayette, CO. We specialize in wood fences, especially cedar. We are proud of our solid reputation for custom fence design and craftsmanship.

We work with a wide range of budgets. We can explain your options and help you choose the best material and most effective design for your needs. We work closely with you throughout the project, from design through construction. You are always in the loop, and we encourage you to ask questions.

At Snowy Peak, we also do repair and maintenance of wooden fencing in Lafayette, CO. We handle decks, repair and resurfacing, and even install retractable awnings.

For a free, no-obligation quote for wooden fencing in Lafayette, CO, call the experts at Snowy Peak Fencing today.