Is wooden fencing in Arvada, CO, the right choice for your yard? In almost every case, it is a excellent choice! Wood is the most popular of all home fencing materials. And there’s good reason for that.

Wood is affordable, a major consideration when a family is trying to improve their property and still stay within a budget. The big advantage of wood is there is such a wide range of species available. For example, you can choose a lower price material like pressure-treated pine. It lasts for years, looks great, and has one of the lowest upfront costs of all wood types.

Or you can build with cedar, which is in the middle of the cost spectrum. Cedar has natural properties that make it last years longer than other species, while retaining its distinctive beauty. Though the costs are higher upfront, it is considered a very cost-effective fencing material because of its strength, long lifespan and attractive appearance.

Wood is durable. When it is designed and installed by experienced fence builders, your wooden fencing in Arvada, CO, will last for many years. Depending on the type of wood you choose, expect it to be serviceable for 10 to 20 years or more. The more consistent you are with regular maintenance, the longer it will last.

Wood is flexible and adapts to a wide range of designs and styles. Are you looking for a privacy fence? Cedar is the most popular choice because of its strength and durability. Do you want a traditional picket fence in your front yard? Wood pickets painted white are an American tradition. You can also modernize the look by staining cedar pickets, which blend in easily with your landscaping.

You can give your property a streamlined look using horizontal wood boards on your fence, instead of the conventional vertical boards. These fences work well with contemporary architectural styles. Or you can go rustic with a post-and-rail fence, a paddock fence, or a stockade design.

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