Wooden Fencing, a Western Tradition of Excellence

In Longmont, CO, wooden fencing is the choice of most homeowners, and it is probably yours too. A real wood fence fits into the local ambiance. It doesn’t matter that you’ve never ridden a horse, and the closest you get to the farm is buying eggs at the grocery store. You live in one of the most beautiful, natural spots in the country. The best way to set off your own piece of this heaven is with real wooden fencing.

But it’s not all about looks. Wooden fencing in Longmont, CO, is versatile, cost-effective and lasts for years with proper care. Smart property owners choose wood because it is practical and durable.

Choose Your Style—Any Style

Wood fences are extremely adaptable. They can be used for a wide range of purposes, like:

Whether you choose cedar or another type of wood, the fence you build must meet your preferences. Because wood is so customizable, you can use it for all types of fences, small or long, short or tall, fancy or basic.

It is so easy to personalize a wood fence. Add flower baskets to the exterior and grow herbs or flowers in them. This gives your fence a friendly look. Choose funky post caps to give it a hip look. Paint the boards different colors for a hippy twist.

Find a distinctive gate and have it tailored to fit your wooden fence in Longmont, CO. Add a lattice to the top of your privacy fence. It’s practical and softens its appearance.

Wood goes with any architectural style and landscape design. Depending on how you color or stain it, it can blend in seamlessly with your home’s and yard’s exterior. Or you can jazz it up with a bright color and make it a focal point for your property. Whether your home’s style is classical or modern, there is a wood fence that will fit in perfectly.

Don’t Break the Bank

Wood is one of the most affordable and cost-effective building materials you can choose. Some, like the ever-popular cedar, cost a bit more up front, but last for years with minimal upkeep. On a budget? Choose pressure-treated pine. The cost is low, the wood is attractive, and the fence will last for many years.

You are buying a material that needs very little upkeep. And maintenance is mostly about elbow grease, not cost. You won’t need to pay big bucks to keep your fence looking its best.

The experts here at Snowy Peak Fencing say the best way to get the most out of your fence is by having it professionally built. Sure, you’re thinking, you’re fence builders. Of course, you want my business. That’s true! But it is also true that professionally built wood fencing in Longmont, CO, almost always outperforms those built by weekend handymen.

Not only that, we get the job done quickly. We see it all too often, fences half-built and waiting for the do-it-yourselfer to get the time and motivation to finish it. Fences are complex structures. As professional builders, that’s all we do, day in and day out. We can build most fences within a week, causing you minimal inconvenience. In many cases, we can get the job done within a day.

When you build a fence yourself, you will probably need to go out and buy tools and equipment that you will use once. That’s not a good use of your resources. We have the latest equipment and training, and we understand how to make the best use of the terrain and soil conditions, not fight them. Take advantage of our experience and let us build you an economical, beautiful wooden fence in Longmont, CO, that will last for years to come.

Don’t Spend Time on Upkeep

A wood fence needs little in the way of maintenance. When you’ve got a family, that’s what you need to hear. Who wants to spend beautiful, precious summer days working on upkeep, when you could be out playing with your kids, entertaining friends, or just relaxing in your yard.

Every year you should hose it down to get rid of surface dirt. Some people rent a pressure washer to get the job done. Every two or three years, you should stain it, seal it or paint it. This helps it resist moisture and retain its attractive appearance.

And just to mention, the pros here at Snowy Peak Fencing can handle your maintenance and repair work. We are experts in quickly and thoroughly inspecting your fence, repairing what needs to be fixed. We can clean it and seal it professionally, using the highest quality products.

Protect Your Environment

Wooden fencing in Longmont, CO, are almost entirely recyclable. They leave a very small carbon footprint, because they are, after all, a natural product.

Wood fences are biodegradable. If you buy your materials from a reputable fencing company like here at Snowy Peak Fencing, you can be assured that the wood comes from sustainable forests.

Wood, an Excellent Investment

Wooden fencing in Longmont, CO, is an investment in your future. You know the fence will last for years to come. It will define your boundaries for all to see. If you want privacy, it will provide it, and do it with style. It will show the world that you have taste and a real feel for natural materials.

When it comes time to sell your home, you can rest assured that buyers will love the look that wood adds to the exterior of your house and your landscape design.

For a free, no-obligation quote for wooden fencing in Longmont, CO, call the experts at Snowy Peak Fencing today.