I’m on a budget.

Many homeowners decide on a wood fence just because it is so affordable. There is a wide range of wood species available for fences, at a variety of price points.

For example, pressure-treated pine is at the low end of the cost range. It is one of the least expensive choices for upfront costs, lasts for many years and looks attractive. At the mid-point is cedar, which has a higher upfront cost but is famous for its durability and has a very distinctive beauty. At the high end of the cost spectrum are exotic woods like South American hardwoods. These are expensive to install but last for decades and often require little in the way of upkeep.

When you choose to build your fence with wood, you can use it with all types of designs and to accomplish an array of purposes, from corralling livestock to creating privacy in your yard. This versatility adds to its affordability.

What types of fences work well with wood fencing?

You can use wooden fencing in Erie, CO, for a variety of fences, like:

I have a certain design in mind? Can l use wooden fencing for the style I’ve chosen?

When you choose wooden fencing in Erie, CO, you can use it for all types of designs. For example, is a privacy fence a little too intimidating for the effect you want to achieve? Why not try a lattice fence? This lets in more light and air, but still limits the view from the street. And it keeps your children and pets safely on your property.

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