Wooden Fencing Is the Cost-Effective Choice

Why do so many homeowners choose wooden fencing in Louisville, CO? The big reason is affordability. Adding a fence to your property is a major investment. It’s worth the cost because it adds so much value, but the money required can give a family pause.

It’s a Big Investment

Putting a fence along the perimeter of any property takes a lot of material and labor. That means that costs aren’t cheap. Is it worth it for a family to use their hard-earned cash for a fence, instead of some other home improvement?

According to the pros at Snowy Peak Fencing, the biggest advantage of spending the money on a fence is the curb appeal it gives to a home. When it’s time sell, prospective buyers look for homes with attractive, functional fences. And they know that well designed and built wooden fencing in Louisville, CO, is low-maintenance, durable and keeps its good looks for years.

A good wood fence, attractively designed to fit the terrain and built by pros, is one of the most useful ways for an owner to increase the value of his property. It does so much more than just surround a property.

Look at the benefits that a fence provides:

The benefits of a fence are both today while you live in your home, and in the future. For a future sale, it increases the money you can charge. For right now, it makes your home safer and more livable.

For most families, a home is the biggest investment they have. It makes sense to spend money that adds value to that investment.

Wood Lasts

Wooden fences in Louisville, CO, can last 10 to 20 years or more with proper care. The amount of time and money it takes to maintain it is minimal. Once a year it should be scrubbed free of dirt, moss, and mildew to prevent decay. Every two to three years, a sealant or stain needs to be applied. This helps the wood resist rot from moisture and insects.

For an initial investment, a family gets one to two decades—or more–of use and beauty. That’s an excellent return on investment.

Wood Makes Everything Else Look Better

The right wooden fencing in Louisville, CO, enhances the look of both your overall landscape design and your home. That gives you pleasure today and increases the property’s curb appeal and value.

A wooden fence has a natural elegance. It is an inviting material, unlike chain link or aluminum. It can be built in an amazing range of styles and designs, with a variety of wood species. All of this adds visual interest to your property.

Wood fences can easily blend into a landscape design. Just use a natural shade of stain. Or it can become a center of interest, a focal point for the overall garden design. Either way, it adds beauty and charm to the outdoors. It can also tie together disparate parts of a landscape design, giving it greater cohesion.

Wooden fencing in Louisville, CO, can also boost the look of a home’s exterior. It gives a polished look to the property and makes it look well maintained. The right fence blends harmoniously with a home’s look, whether it is in a similar shade or painted in the color the home’s trim.

A Design for Every Taste

In Louisville, CO, wooden fencing comes in a startling range of designs, both standard and custom. And each fence can be further individualized with the use of accessories and add-ons.

Popular designs include:

You can dress up any fence by choosing a particular type of hardware or a fancy gate. Post caps are available in a wide range of styles. By adding a flower box to the fence, you can give your fence a bright splash of color all spring and summer long. Consider planting wildflowers, nasturtiums or geraniums.

Confused About What Type of Wood Fence You Need?

Snowy Peak Fencing can help you choose the best type of wood and design. The team at Snow Peak is happy to answer questions about types of wood, how high to build it and what style makes the most sense for your specific needs.

They understand that a fence is a big chunk of your budget. They work hard to maximize your investment by designing and constructing a fence that lasts for years and adds beauty and functionality to your home.

The company is rapidly getting a reputation for excellent customer care, competitive pricing, and quality craftsmanship. Each member of the team has hands-on experience with many types of fencing and wood. They pride themselves on attention to detail and fences that get the job done while adding beauty to your property.

Call Snowy Peak Fencing today for a free, no-obligation quote for wooden fencing in Louisville, CO.