Did you know that wood fences on a Louisville, CO property can be functional and attractive? That is only if it was designed and installed by professionals. While it is possible to erect a fence by yourself, some projects are best left to the experts. Snowy Peak Fencing has the experience needed, thanks to their founder Daniel Carter. He grew up around the industry and has a decade of experience designing and installing all types of fences. The knowledge and passion he and his team share ensures that when a fence is needed, they are uniquely qualified to get the project done right the first time.

There are several advantages associated with having wood fences erected on Louisville, CO residential and commercial properties that Snowy Peak Fencing want their clients to be aware of. Some of these include,

If the wood fence is 6 feet in height, it can give property owners a welcome sense of privacy and security. Pets and children can be safely contained in the yard if the boards are placed close together, and you can even use a fence to mark property lines. Since the height and length of wood fences on Louisville, CO properties can be easily adjusted, and even the spacing between the boards, your design options are almost limitless. Whether the wood boards are fitted tightly together or spaced farther apart, the talented craftsmen at Snowy Peak Fencing will design and install one that fits their clients’ needs.

Fences can be constructed from a variety of soft and hardwoods, though Snowy Peak Fencing does recommend using native Western Red Cedar. This durable wood will enhance the beauty of the landscaping, and it also requires minimal upkeep due to its natural resistant properties. This is always good news for busy property owners. It also looks great when it is properly designed and installed. When residents want to minimize maintenance and repairs on their fence, cedar is often their first choice.

Whether the wood fences on the Louisville, CO were installed by Snowy Peak Fencing or one of their competitors, they always recommend that property owners keep up with the maintenance. Due to the wet, snowy weather common in the winter, wood fences can experience some damage, unless it was constructed from red cedar. To keep the fence looking like new and minimize repairs, property owners are encouraged to stain or seal it annually. For property owners that don’t have the time to perform the necessary upkeep, Snowy Peak Fencing can create a maintenance schedule that will ensure the fence lasts for years. When you’re ready to have a wood fence installed, call the experts at Snowy Peak Fencing.