Every fence will show signs of deterioration and damage over time due to wear and tear, weather conditions and shifting ground. The way to extend the life of your fence is with regular upkeep, annual inspections and quick fence repair in Lafayette, CO.

Weather extremes, like snow, ice, and rain take a toll on fencing materials. Insects can bore in, undermining the structural stability of the fence. The ground can shift, causing your gate and posts to sag. Rot can set in due to moisture damage and the natural effect of time. Boards can crack, fasteners can come loose, holes can appear.

The best way to find problems early is with yearly inspections. It might take an hour of your time, but it is an investment in the life of your fence. Experts, like the team here at Snowy Peak Fencing, recommend that you check:

When you find problems, fix them right away. It is much less expensive to replace a single board now than an entire section of fence next year.

If you don’t want to worry about your fence maintenance chores, have a fence repair expert do it in Lafayette, CO. The team at Snowy Peak Fencing work with fences every day. They know what to look for, identify the source of trouble, and fix it quickly. They can inspect your fence yearly and seal wood fences, a project that needs to be done every two or three years.

Scheduled maintenance by a fence professional is a cost-effective approach for your fence, one that can extend the life of your fence by many years. It also means you don’t have to spend your free time working on the fence. Instead, you can use it relaxing with family and enjoying your hobbies.

For a free, no-obligation quote for fence repair in Lafayette, CO, call the experts at Snowy Peak Fencing today.