A wooden fence can add value and curb appeal to a property, but only if it looks great. Over time the structure can start to show its age, and this is usually a sign that wood fence repairs are needed on the Boulder, CO property. The professionals at Snowy Peak Fencing are well qualified to perform and necessary repairs, and they understand that their clients have concerns about any work being done on their properties. To help put their customers at ease, they have created this list of their clients most frequently asked questions.

1. Is it important for the fencing company to be experienced?

Even though Snowy Peak fencing is a relatively new company in the area, they still have the experience property owners are looking for. Owner and operator of Snowy Peak has grown up around the fencing industry, and is committed to excellence. The knowledge and experience that he gained on the East Coast, ensures that when wood fence repairs are needed in Boulder, CO his team is more than capable of getting the project done right the first time.

2. Should wood fence repairs in Boulder, CO be done by a licensed contractor?

It doesn’t matter if a fence is being installed or repaired, it is important for property owners to ensure that the contractor is licensed. In some neighborhoods, it is required by law and ignoring it could result in expensive fines that the property owner is responsible for paying. Depending on the extent of the damage to the fence, heavy equipment might be needed. This will also require the fencing company to be licensed. With their Class E license, Snowy Peak Fencing is ready to take on their clients’ fence and deck projects.

3. Can maintenance eliminate the need for wood fence repairs in Boulder, CO?

Whether the fence was installed by Snowy Peak Fencing or one of their competitors, they always recommend that property owners keep up with the maintenance. Due to the wet, snowy weather common in the winter, wood fences can experience some damage. To keep the fence looking like new and minimize repairs, property owners are encouraged to stain or seal it annually. For property owners that don’t have the time to perform the necessary upkeep, Snowy Peak Fencing can create a maintenance schedule that will ensure the fence lasts for years.

4. What parts of a fence usually need to be repaired?

The most common wood fence repairs in Boulder, CO usually include the posts and pickets. Over time, the posts can sink and wood pickets break or fall. This doesn’t have to mean that the wood fence needs to be replaced, only that repairs are needed. Snowy Peak Fencing will carefully evaluate the project and make the best recommendation to their client. If the repairs are extensive, it might be best if the fence is replaced.

5. Are wood fence repairs in Boulder, CO expensive?

Snowy Peak Fencing is proud of their ability to provide their residential and commercial clients with exceptional service at a competitive price. This includes repairing wood and other types of fences. Before they start any project they will carefully evaluate the property, and discuss the extent of the needed repairs with the client. Their ability to stay within the agreed upon budget, while still providing high quality fence and deck services has earned the company the respect and trust of their satisfied clients.

6. How long does it take to repair a wood fence?

The length of time it takes to complete wood fence repairs in Boulder, CO will depend on several factors. The extent of the damage, size of the fence, along with materials used will play a role in determining the time frame for the project. The time of year the repairs are scheduled for can also affect project length. During the initial planning, Snowy Peak Fencing will go over this and other factors with property owners so there aren’t any surprises. If a delay does happen, their clients will be immediately informed.

7. What type of wood fences need the least maintenance and repairs?

Snowy Peak Fencing often recommends using cedar to construct wood fences. This durable wood will not only enhance the beauty of the landscaping, it also requires minimal upkeep. Western Red Cedar is naturally resistant, and it also looks great when the fence is properly designed and installed. When residents want to minimize wood fence repairs on their Boulder, CO property, cedar is often their first choice.

8. Do gates on wood fences also need to be repaired?

Just like the posts and pickets, gates on wood fences also need occasional repairs in Boulder, CO. Hinges and pins can rust, and latches can occasionally fall off. When Snowy Peak Fencing is contracted to perform the necessary repairs they will carefully inspect the gate, along with the rest of the structure. They know that the gate is a crucial part of the fence, and believe that the job is only half completed if any part is ignored. It is this attention to every detail that is helping to make them one of the premier deck and fencing companies in the area.

9. How can property owners tell if a wood fence needs to be replaced or repaired?

Wood fences will wear out over time, and in some cases repairs might be costlier than simply replacing it. If the fence originally came with the property, it might be time for an update. If the wood fence is less than 20 years old, and only needs a few pickets or posts replaced most property owners find that repairs are less expensive than having a new one installed. Snowy Peak Fencing will go over all the options with their clients and help them choose the best one to fit their needs.

10. Is it possible to get a free estimate when a wood fence needs repairs in Boulder, CO?

Snowy Peak Fencing is pleased to be able to offer free estimates to their potential clients. They understand that hiring the right fencing contractor is important to property owners, and look forward to being able to put their minds at ease.

11. Can the repairs on a wood fence match the original design?

When wood fence repairs are needed in Boulder, CO property owners often worry that it won’t match the original design. This won’t be a problem with Snowy Peak Fencing, their skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail ensures that the repairs will blend in with the original fence. They know that their clients view their properties as investments, and this makes the appearance of the fence important.

12. What causes the greatest damage to wood fences?

Wood fences often need repairs in Boulder, CO due to weather, insects and moisture. These are problems common in the area, and regular maintenance can prevent some of these problems. Snowy Peak Fencing understands the challenges property owners often face when it comes to keeping their wood fences sturdy and attractive additions, and they want them to know that they are here to help. Some of the signs that might indicate that these problems have occurred include splintering, warping and wood discoloration.

13. Will it damage the fence is flowering vines are allowed to grow on it?

Flowering vines on a wood fence will add color and beauty, but it can also cause damage. Heavier plants can put weight on the fence, resulting in sinking posts and broken slats. The constant watering needed to keep the plants alive can also warp the wood. This usually means additional maintenance and repairs, and some property owners might even find that the fence needs to be replaced. Snowy Peak Fencing will discuss these and other problems with their clients that are considering allowing vines to grow across their fence.

Wood fence repairs in Boulder, CO will be necessary at some point, and now property owners can rely on Daniel Carter and Snowy Peak Fencing. See what knowledge and experience can provide, and schedule a consultation with Snowy Peak Fencing.