It’s not uncommon for people to believe that chain link fences in Boulder, CO are only found on commercial properties. Their industrial appearance is often thought to be unattractive on a residential yard. If the chain link fence was designed and installed by an expert, it can add beauty and increase the resale value of almost any property. Snowy Peak Fencing understands that their clients have concerns about adding a chain link fence, and they hope the answers to these frequently asked questions will help ease their clients fears.

1. Is it important to hire a licensed contractor to erect chain link fences on Boulder, CO properties?

Whenever metal fencing is being erected it is important for you to ensure that the contractor hired is licensed. Without a license, local ordinances often prevent any work from being done. If the chain link fence is being installed across rugged terrain, heavy equipment might be needed. In order to secure the permits and tools, the contractor typically needs to be certified. Holding a Class E license, Snowy Peak Fencing is ready to take on all their clients’ fencing projects.

2. Are all chain link fences protected with the same type of coating?

Thanks to advances in technology and materials, you now have a choice when it comes to the protective coating. Chain link fences in Boulder, CO are often galvanized (zinc coated), but this is not your only option. Vinyl and a polyester material are becoming more common, especially since home owners can find these coatings in various colors. Not only does this make the metal fence appear less industrial, it can also enhance the existing landscaping.

3. Is it possible to get a free estimate when chain link fences are being repaired or installed in Boulder, CO?

Snowy Peak Fencing is pleased to be able to offer free estimates to their potential clients. They understand that having any type of fence installed is a major decision, and their knowledge team is more than happy to answer their clients’ questions. After inspecting the property and discussing design options, Snowy Peak Fencing will provide a free no obligation estimate for their clients. As a relatively new company to the area, they hope this service will help them continue to earn the trust and respect of their clients.

4. What are the advantages of chain link fencing?

There are several reasons why chain link fences in Boulder, CO have remained popular for years. The aluminum or metal material is relatively easy to care for, rarely needs to be repaired and it can last for years. Even if the initial cost of the fence is higher than wood, over time it can become a less expensive option. You can also find them in a variety of colors, and these are only some of the benefits associated with metal fences that Snowy Peak Fencing is more than happy to explain to their clients.

5. How long will it take for chain link fencing to be installed on a Boulder, CO property?

The length of time it takes for a chain link fence to be completed will depend on several of the same factors that determine the cost. The length and height of the fence, along with the type of terrain will all play a role in how long it takes the fencing contractor to properly finish the job. During the initial consultation Snowy Peak Fencing will go over these factors with their clients, and create and stick with a time frame that works for everyone. They are proud of their record for providing reliable service and look forward to continuing this tradition of excellence.

6. Do chain link fences require a lot of maintenance?

One of the main advantages of having an aluminum or metal fence erected is that it is basically maintenance free due to its protective coating. This will save property owners time and money in the long run. Unlike wood fences there is usually no need for regular painting or staining. If the chain link fence is colored, Snowy Peak Fencing will discuss any required maintenance. For property owners that might not have the time to keep up with their fences, Snowy Peak Fencing can create a maintenance schedule that fits their budgets.

7. Does gauge matter and what is it?

The gauge refers to the wire’s diameter, and it does matter. The gauge number will let you know the amount of steel, and this does affect quality. Higher gauges mean less steel, and this could mean that your fencing won’t be strong enough to withstand snow, wind and even rain. Snowy Peak Fencing recommends using 11 ½ gauge wire or lower for residential metal fences. If the structure is being erected on a commercial property, it should be 9 gauge or less for adequate strength and protection.

8. What comprises a chain link fence?

There are typically four parts to a chain link fence, and each one is important. The material refers to the type of material used to construct the chain link, while the framework consists of the posts. Fittings and a gate are the other two parts, and if each one does not compliment the other the fence could start to sag and fall apart.

9. Are all chain link fences designed to look and function the same?

Thanks to their skill and craftsmanship, Snowy Peak Fencing can design a chain link fence that is unique to the property. Their design team will sit down with their clients and discover their vision for their properties.

When it’s time to have chain link fences installed in Boulder, CO trust the project to the professionals at Snowy Peak Fencing.