In Broomfield, CO, cedar fencing is considered the most cost-effective choice by the fence experts at Snowy Peak Fencing. Families love it because it lasts for decades while requiring very little upkeep. And it looks beautiful for years and years.

Experts will tell you that cedar has inherent properties that help it resist moisture damage and pests like termites. This natural resistance makes it one of the most durable woods, and particularly appropriate for fence building.

The typical cedar fence will last 15 to 25 years. But it is not uncommon to come across well-maintained cedar fences that are now in their third or fourth decade and still going strong. Over time, the beautiful look of new cedar gradually turns into an elegant silvery patina. Cedar lovers prize this sign of elegant aging.

Because cedar fencing in Broomfield, CO, is so durable, strong and attractive, it is not the cheapest for fence building. But as the pros at Snowy Peak will tell you, it is the most cost-effective choice. When you look at the upfront costs compared to treated pine, you might think it is too expensive.

Take another look. Look at the return you get on your investment in the decades to come:

Another reason families love cedar fencing is the way it adapts to so many styles and designs. Because of its strength, it is popular for privacy fences. But cedar works well for traditional picket fences and the modern versions of this classic American fence. It is a favorite for louver fences and lattice fences. It works especially well on modern, streamlined horizontal board fences.

If you have questions about the suitability of cedar fences for your property, check with the professionals at Snowy Peak Fencing. The experts on staff are happy to help you select the right wood for your specific needs. They can explain what is needed for maintenance and how to keep your fence looking attractive for many years to come.

Snowy Peak Fencing specializes in cedar fencing, but also handles a variety of other woods. Over the years, the team at Snowy Peak has earned a reputation for attention to detail and really listening to what you want in a fence. Prices are competitive and customer service is second to none.

Call the experts at Snowy Peak Fencing today for a free, no-obligation quote for cedar fencing in Broomfield, CO.