You’ve decided to build a fence around your property. What now? Come up with a budget, choose a style, and decide on the type of material.

Deciding on a budget is usually straightforward. You have $X and that’s that. Deciding on a style can be hair-pulling because so many are available. But when it comes to choosing the type of material, most homeowners have no trouble at all.

Cedar fencing in Longmont, CO, is one of the most popular fence building choices in the United States. And there’s good reason:

Resists Pests and Moisture Damage Without Chemicals

Cedar fencing in Longmont, CO, is the perfect choice for people who worry about the environment. It contains natural compounds, the very ones that make it smell so good, that deter insects like termites.

Softer woods like pine need to be pressure-treated with harsh chemicals. This process adds years to the lifespan of pine. But it also creates a problem. The chemicals used gradually leach out of the wood and into the environment over the years. This is a deal killer for people concerned about environmental issues.

Every wood fence experiences some wear and tear over time. During alternating periods of freeze and thaw, trapped moisture expands and contracts, causing damage to the wood. Moisture can also lead to mold and mildew problems.

Cedar does the best job of resisting moisture problems for a longer time. And it does it without chemicals. It is able to withstand water damage, including warping and cracking. That’s because properties inherent in the wood allow it to alter its moisture content to closely conform to the atmosphere around it. It is also a very dense wood, so warping and shrinking are kept to a minimum.

Since cedar fencing in Longmont, CO, doesn’t chemicals and pre-treatment, it is definitely a greener choice.

Beautiful and Durable

Cedar fencing has a beautiful coloring in its natural state. It adds a rustic, clean look to any landscape and architectural look. It fits in perfectly with all types of garden looks. A cedar fence makes an excellent backdrop for your landscape design.

Cedar ages gracefully. If left natural, it develops an elegant silvery patina. This weathered look of cedar fencing in Longmont, CO, is much prized by people who love cedar.

But it can also be stained or painted if you want to coordinate it with a specific look. If you prefer to keep the cedar’s original appearance, it’s easy to do with staining. You can choose from a wide range of earthy tones that will enhance your cedar fencing in Longmont, CO.

But you’re not limited to the natural look or to staining. It’s your fence, and you should do it your way! Go ahead and paint your cedar fence. Make a statement with a bright blue or green. Or paint it in the same shade as your house trim. Cedar is infinitely adaptable and will fit into whatever type of exterior décor you choose.

Limitless Design Possibilities

Cedar is a strong, versatile wood. You can use it for a wide range of fence designs. It is very popular for privacy fences. The wood stands straight throughout its lifespan, so your tall privacy fence stays functional. It is dense and strong, so it keeps out prying eyes. It is a practical choice when you want a fence that keeps your children and pets securely in your yard.

You can build a standard privacy fence, but customize its look with a notched top or scalloped top. Or choose a shadowbox design. You can select a full privacy look or semi-privacy. Add a lattice top to your fence, making it higher but letting in light.

Cedar works well for picket fences, either in its natural state or painted the traditional white. A popular variation today is the reverse scallop picket fence, with its undulating look. The Nantucket cedar picket fence gives any property an upscale, elegant look. You can use cedar on a rail fence, like two- or three-board, or a cross-rail design.

The design possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Cedar is a practical, adaptable material that lends itself to all types of fencing looks.

Just Basic Maintenance

Homeowners like you often choose cedar fencing in Longmont, CO, because it requires minimal upkeep. Who wants to spend beautiful summer days sealing and painting a fence?

Because of the oils naturally found in cedar, sealants aren’t needed. In fact, they aren’t recommended in most situations.

The fence should be hosed down each year to get rid of dirt and debris. You can use a pressure washer and add a special cleaner with oxygen bleach available at the home improvement center. Scrub sections that show signs of heavy dirt or mildew.

After you clean the fence each year, check the fastenings. Tighten screws and fix any damage you find.


Cedar fencing in Longmont, CO, is one of the most cost-effective woods you can use. You might be worried about the higher upfront costs of building with cedar. But when you look at the costs over the long-term, you’re getting the best deal when you choose cedar.

Your fence will last years longer and require very little in the way of upkeep. It retains its elegant looks for years, adding value to your home. That means greater curb appeal.

A privacy fence regularly makes Top 10 lists of what homebuyers look for. But they don’t want just any fence. It needs to be strong and attractive. And buyers don’t want to deal with a fence that requires constant maintenance. That’s why cedar is so popular and why it is considered an excellent investment to boost your property value.

DIY or Fence Pros?

A committed and experienced do-it-yourselfer can construct a sturdy fence. You need the time and the right tools. Experience building a cedar fence is also a big plus. At the very least, if you choose to build your fence yourself, get the help of someone who has actually constructed one.

For most homeowners, it’s not the best investment of their time. It starts out as a project to be finished during a two-week summer vacation. And it extends through the following weekends and weekday evenings, for months. It is not uncommon to see unfinished fences that remain unfinished that way season after season.

In addition, the weekend handyman usually doesn’t have all the tools needed to construct a sturdy fence. That means multiple trips to the home improvement center and lots of money spent on equipment that will get used for just a single project.

Save time by getting the work done by professionals, like the team at Snowy Peak Fencing. Experienced craftspeople, they usually get the work done in less than a week and in many cases, in one or two days. You have a fence done quickly, without a lingering mess in your yard.

Work with Experts

In the years that the professionals at Snowy Peak Fencing have been helping local homeowners, we have earned a reputation for quality craftsmanship and creative design. Every fence built by our craftspeople is beautiful, durable and effective.

Here at Snowy Peak Fencing, we are cedar specialists. We know that fences built with cedar last for years, while retaining their beautiful looks. Our customers love the fact that cedar fencing requires minimal maintenance. Because it creates such a practical, durable and attractive fence, cedar is an excellent way to boost your property value.

Snowy Peak Fencing also handles fence repair and maintenance, designs and builds decks, and installs retractable awnings. For a wide range of outdoor projects, you can’t beat the superior craftsmanship, competitive pricing, excellent materials and beautiful design work provided by the pros at Snowy Peak.

Call Snowy Peak Fencing today for a free, no-obligation quote for cedar fencing in Longmont, CO.