When you have cedar fencing installed on your Louisville, CO property it can enhance the existing landscaping, while also being functional. The durable material can withstand the harsh winters common in the area, and still look great in the spring. These are only a few of the advantages that the professionals at Snowy Peak Fencing cite to their clients. If you’re thinking about installing cedar fencing, keep reading to see why it might be the best choice for you.

For the last few years, Snowy Peak Fencing has been designing, installing and repairing all types of fences for their customers in the area. Founder and owner, Daniel Carter boasts over ten years of experience in the industry. This combined with his passion for his work is helping to make this fencing company a leader in the area. His skilled team shares his commitment, so you can rest assured that the finished cedar fencing on your Louisville, CO property will exceed your expectations.

There are several reasons why they recommend considering cedar fencing for your Louisville, CO property. Some of the benefits of this native hardwood include,

Western red cedar is extremely durable. The oils it contains naturally protect it from insects and water damage, resulting in less maintenance for you. If you are like other busy property owners, less time on upkeep is always a good thing. This combined with its ability to last for years, also makes cedar fences an affordable choice. Snowy Peak Fencing does want to point out that while this native hardwood is virtually maintenance free, you do need to rinse it off occasionally and perform a general maintenance check. If you don’t have the time, Snowy Peak Fencing is more than willing to create a schedule that will keep your cedar fence looking like new.

One of the best advantages of cedar is that it is environmentally friendly. Its attractive colors naturally won’t fade. Even after decades of being in the elements, a cedar fence will still look great. Since it doesn’t need to be sealed or stained, you don’t have to apply any chemicals. Most red cedar is also harvested from sustainable forests so you can feel good about your fence. No other material comes with the benefits that you get from a red cedar fence.

When it is time to have cedar fencing installed on your Louisville, CO property, trust your project to Snowy Peak Fencing. Their attention to detail, unique designs and skill ensure that the cedar fence will add beauty, while also serving the purpose you intended. If you need inspiration for your fence, take a moment to browse through their photo gallery.