For Elegance and Durability, Nothing Beats Cedar Fencing

In Louisville, CO, cedar fencing is one of the most popular materials selected by families when they decide to build a fence. That’s because it’s affordable, long lasting and beautiful.

The pros at Snowy Peak Fencing specialize in cedar fencing, recommending it to their customers as a durable fence material given the weather conditions in this area. They feel strongly that cedar is perfect for this environment because it has natural properties that help it resist weather extremes, and the damaging effects of snow, rain, hail, and sleet.

Here is a look at 5 big benefits of using cedar fencing in Louisville, CO.

#1. Cedar Is Versatile

Cedar adapts easily to any fence style. It is the material of choice for privacy fences, with vertical boards placed close together. But it also works for other designs.

Cedar is appropriate for a wide variety of looks. It works well for:

Privacy fences can be customized by adding a trellis effect along the top, or a board straight across the top to box it in.

Each style of fence can be further customized with the use of accessories. Many types of hardware are available to give cedar fencing in Louisville, CO, a distinctive look. Post caps are sold in an amazing range of designs.

Special types of gates can jazz up a conventional fence. And adding a flower box is a guaranteed method of personalizing any fence. From spring to fall, it dresses up the fence with a splash of color. Owners often use brightly colored wildflowers, nasturtiums, geraniums, and other vivid plants.

#2. Cedar Is Strong and Long Lasting

Cedar fencing in Louisville, CO, is one of the strongest woods available. Because it has special properties that make it resistant to pests and moisture, it lasts for years.

Cedar has the ability to raise or lower its moisture content to match the current weather conditions. Less moisture reduces the chance that the wood will crack or warp. This is especially true in cold areas, where a cycle of freeze-and-thaw is the norm.

#3. Cedar Pest Resistant

The cedar aroma natural to this wood does more than just smell good. Officially called thujaplicins, it smells nice in the nostrils of humans. But insects just hate it.

It drives off many pests, causing them to set up home somewhere else. The result is less rot and damage, and a longer useful lifespan for the fence.

Another natural property of cedar fencing in Louisville, CO, is the fact that it has air pockets throughout, which provides insulating ability. In summer, areas close to the fence are slightly cooler, and in winter slightly warmer.

The air pockets also provide sound reduction. Studies done show that cedar can actually absorb about 70 percent of the sound that comes its way. In comparison, the other building material that provides similar sound reduction is concrete.

#4. Cedar Is Naturally Beautiful

The natural color of cedar fencing in Louisville, CO, is a pleasure to view. It has a classic, rustic look that works well with a wide range of outdoor decors. It also fits in seamlessly with landscape design work. The grain and tone of the wood is attractive when it is freshly cut and when it is old.

Cedar is one of the few woods that doesn’t need to be chemically treated. For families that put high value on natural and chemical-free products, this is a big selling point.

Cedar also doesn’t need a sealant applied every two to three years, like most woods. In fact, experts recommend that sealants not be used because it causes problems for the natural oils already in the wood.

Because cedar stands up to weather extremes and moisture, it stays straight and true throughout its lifetime. This alignment means it keeps its polished, attractive look for many years. It keeps its original shape far longer than most types of wood, resisting warping, cracking and deterioration.

Many people don’t even stain their cedar fences. This lets it gradually mellow to a silvery gray color, with its own gentle beauty. The weathered look fits in well with rustic architectural styles.

For owners who don’t like the weathered look, the cedar can easily be stained. A wide range of shades is available, so the fence fits in with many home colors and designs.

#5. Cedar Is Cost Effective

Cedar fencing in Louisville, CO, is in middle of the cost spectrum. It is more expensive than pressure-treated pine but less costly than exotic South American hardwoods like Brazilian ipe and mahogany.

It is considered one of the most cost-effective wood species for fence building because it lasts so long, requires little maintenance and keeps its good looks throughout its long life.

Work with the Cedar Fencing Experts

Cedar fencing in Louisville, CO, is a smart choice for cost-conscious homeowners. The experts at Snowy Peak Fencing recommend cedar because it lasts for years while adding beauty to a home.

The pros at Snowy Peak emphasize the natural properties that come with cedar, unlike other woods. These make it resist insects and moisture, a big plus for an area with lots of snow, sleet, hail, and rain.

They also recommend cedar to families that don’t like the idea of spending lots of time on fence maintenance. Every year, the fence should be scrubbed to get rid of dirt, moss and other buildup. Every two or three years, it should be stained to preserve its natural color.

They also love the fact that cedar adapts so easily to a wide variety of fence designs. Whatever a customer’s style preferences, cedar is an effective material. It also has the strength to be used for livestock fences and to handle a range of terrains.

Snowy Peak Fencing has developed a following of satisfied customers who appreciate the team’s craftsmanship and attention to detail. The company has completed hundreds of fences for people in the area. They last, look great and add value to the property.

In addition to design and construction, Snowy Peak handles repair and maintenance of cedar fencing in Louisville, CO, and all types of repair work.

Snowy Peak works on a variety of outdoor projects for homes and businesses in the area, including:

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