Erie, CO, homeowners consistently choose cedar fencing because it is durable, attractive and cost-effective. Cedar is a natural in the state with a reputation for outdoor beauty.

The experts at Snowy Peak Fencing recommend cedar to their customers for 5 very specific reasons. Here is a closer look at how you can benefit from cedar fencing in Erie, CO.

#1. Works with a Range of Styles

Cedar is a highly adaptable fencing material. It works with all types of designs and architectural styles.

Cedar fits in seamlessly with your landscaping design and blends in with your home’s exterior décor. When you choose this wood, you have the greatest possible flexibility for your design plans.

#2. Resists Pests and Rot

Cedar has natural properties, unavailable with other woods, that help it resist termites and other insects. It also resists water damage and weakening from rot.

With cedar fencing in Erie, CO, you also get a certain amount of natural insulation. This means it’s just a bit cooler next to a cedar fence in summer, and just a bit warmer in winter. This comes from air pockets permeating the wood.

These pockets also give your cedar fence sound absorption capability. Researchers showed that cedar was able to absorb over two-thirds of the sound produced during a scientific study testing various building materials.

#3. Stays Attractive

Cedar fencing looks beautiful for years. Its natural color is the epitome of the classic rustic style. You can keep this look throughout the lifespan of your fence by applying a stain.

Or you can let the cedar age naturally. It develops a silvery patina over time that many homeowners love.

You don’t need to apply a sealant to cedar to keep it looking good. For most woods, a sealant every two to three years is a necessity. But professionals actually recommend not using a sealant on cedar because it gets in the way of the effectiveness of the wood’s natural oils.

#4. Lasts for Many Years

Cedar fencing in Erie, CO, is a very long-lasting choice for your fence. It stays strong and true for 10 to 20 years, and in many cases much longer. It is slow to show signs of warping or cracking. Since it resists pests and rot, it can protect your property for years to come.

When you invest in a cedar fence, you can look forward to years of minimal maintenance. Fence pros recommend that you scrub it once a year to get rid of dirt and buildup. If you want to maintain its original coloring, you need to stain it every two to three years.

#5. Has a Great ROI

If you’re on a budget, you may worry about the higher upfront costs of a cedar fence. Cedar tends to sit in the middle of the cost spectrum. Pressure-treated pine has less expensive installation costs. Exotic woods like South American hardwoods have a higher cost.

If you look at your investment over the long term, you’ll see that cedar is a very cost-effective wood. It lasts for years with little upkeep required. And it looks attractive throughout its lifespan. After your initial investment to have the fence built, you have very few expenses involved in maintaining its durability in the years ahead.

Work with the Cedar Pros

Snowy Peak Fencing takes pride in helping local customers make the most of their fence investment. The team at Snowy Peak has years of combined experience with all types of fencing materials. Cedar is #1 with these experts because it lasts and lasts, looks great, and stays strong.

If you aren’t sure what style of fence you want, Snowy Peak builders know you’ll have great flexibility when you go with cedar. Once the fence is built, you can accessorize it to give it a personal touch. For example, add flower boxes to your privacy fence. Or choose interesting post caps to make it stand out.

Snowy Peak experts can help you choose the perfect design for your needs and your budget. Whether you want to keep livestock in your pasture, ensure privacy in your yard, or add security to your property, we can build a fence that does the job. We are proud of our reputation for craftsmanship, superior materials, and caring customer service. We are committed to helping you make the most of your fencing investment.

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